Progress – of Sorts – and an Invitation

Making choices – that’s the thing.

After over a year of looking for my show in The Dales I have two, three or possibly four. Creativity is like that, when you put the spadework in it seems as though nothing is happening, and then…

I need to think about the show and make some structural and curatorial choices, when in truth my capacity for that probably runs to red or white?

It’s been a very difficult month – the worst for decades – so I’m taking three weeks off, and not doing this now.

Nevertheless, I promised I’d post an image or two , so here they are. Everything is provisional, except my new deadline. October 2018.

Beyond Here will preview with selected works, and a talk/tour at The Garden Rooms at Tenannts of Leyburn in October 2018. Heavens knows what will be there, but it will include me (if drink and ill living don’t carry me off..)  and be at least based on these.

Enjoy, thanks for reading and have a great Christmas.

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X- Martin


2 thoughts on “Progress – of Sorts – and an Invitation

  1. Hallo, Martin,
    thanks a lot for your blog – your new paintings are stunning! Very appropriate to have your first exhibition of them in the Dales themselves. Sorry you’ve had a hard month – the dark and the cold aren’t conducive to creativity, I don’t think. Have a good break over Xmas, well deserved, I know.
    My big resolution for 2018 – to make regular time to paint, and to protect that time fiercely.
    Looking forward to seeing you some time next year,
    Liz Drayson


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